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Published:November 25th, 2015 10:01 EST

Thanksgiving Dinnner In One Tasty Bite

By Robert Paul Reyes

"For some of us, the best part of Thanksgiving comes from a forkful of flavors all swirled together  -- turkey, gravy, cranberry and stuffing. It`s a savory symphony in your mouth.


Chefs in New York City are experimenting with putting together all of those ingredients into a one-bite Thanksgiving dinner.

Right now you can buy a croissant at Milk Bar in the East Village (and at the location in Washington, D.C.) stuffed with turkey, gravy and cranberries in a celery-flavored dough. There`s also a Gobble Gobble meatball with ground turkey, dried cranberries and stuffing at a local chain called the Meatball Shop.

For another all-in-one bite Thanksgiving, you can visit Mimi Cheng`s Dumplings."


Turkey is the blandest meat on Earth, it`s the gravy, cranberry and stuffing that makes me stuff my stomach with a ton of turkey and fixings on Thanksgiving.

I applaud the chefs in New York City for attempting to put all the delicious Thanksgiving ingredients into a one-bite Thanksgiving dinner. But the gourmet restaurants mentioned in the NPR article will charge you a small fortune for a Thanksgiving croissant, meatball or dumpling.

I`d rather gorge on a basic Thanksgiving meal at a soup kitchen. I hope all my readers will have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day whether it`s at a gourmet restaurant, at a soup kitchen, or at home with friends and family.

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