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Published:November 26th, 2015 16:45 EST

Bless Your Dog With a Dignified Name

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The American Kennel Club keeps a list of the year`s most popular and trendy dog names to help you get off to the perfect start with your new pup."


New York Magazine

My pooch, is a person and I christened her with a name worthy of a dignified individual: Mandy. I would never name a dog  Spot, Rover or Lassie. That would be as lame as American-Latino parents cursing all their children with stereotypically Hispanic names like Pepe, Pedro and Maria.

To hell with this trendy list of dog names, a dog is man`s best friend, and he deserves a name that you would confer on your firstborn.

A dog by any name is sweet and loyal, but for God`s sake give him a decent name.

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