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Published:November 26th, 2015 09:22 EST

The 10 Biggest Turkeys of 2015

By Robert Paul Reyes


A couple of years ago Cosby could have been selected to serve as the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade Grand Marshall, today he`d be lucky to be assigned the duty of cleaning up after the police officers` horses. It seems not a week went by this year without another victim coming forward to accuse the disgraced comic of rape or sexual assault. It there`s a God in heaven He will smite him dead before Christmas.



When Donald Trump first announced that he was running for president, we winced at his racist comments, but we couldn`t help but laugh at his clown persona. Now that we realize that he actually stands a decent chance of winning, nobody`s laughing.


Ronda Rousey was the biggest superstar in her bloody sport, her fame transcended the world of MMA, and she was a budding actress, author and a role model for young females. Rousey dispatched her opponents in the octagon with lightning speed, if you took a time to fart during her match, it would be over before your wife sitting next to you shouted at you to plug your butthole. But after Rousey was destroyed and knocked out by Holly Holm, she`s dead meat.


Only a degenerate member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan can identify with, much less have any sympathy or love for Bruce Jenner. The reality star has set back the cause of transgender rights a hundred years; this narcissistic hot steaming pile of human excrement is now the face of transgender rights. Jenner`s docu-reality series was the biggest bomb of the 2015 television season, America is sick and tired of Jenner and the rest of his perverted family.


Brian Williams was exposed as the biggest liar in the news/entertainment business, and he has been relegated to purgatory: MSNBC.  `Nuff Said!


At a time when the world seems to be rushing towards World War III, we are cursed with the most feckless, ineffectual, and cowardly commander-in-chief in American history. I wish this were the last Thanksgiving we had to endure with Obama as President of the United States, let`s hope and pray that he won`t lead this great nation to a fiery apocalypse before his term ends.


She came in like a wrecking ball in 2015 and almost destroyed Western Civilization. Even people who don`t believe in heaven or hell are hoping that Miley and her father are destined for the lake of fire.


She hates America and she licks donuts at the donut shop, need I say anything else?


Not only does she have the biggest ass in the pop world, she is the biggest ass.


Maybe not one of the biggest turkeys of 2015, but I pray she will be the biggest turkey of 2016 when she loses the general election.

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