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Published:November 26th, 2015 10:13 EST

What Not to Feed Your Dog on Thanksgiving

By Robert Paul Reyes

"While we gather for that big family Thanksgiving feast, you should be mindful that it can also be fraught with hazards for at least one family member.
Lakewood veterinarian Peter Falk says your dog or cat will be seeing a lot of family members that they do not see every day, and there may be temptation to feed the animal from that big bounty before them.
`People have to really careful,` Falk said of feeding pets from the table."
The typical cook spends a small fortune and countless hours preparing the Thanksgiving Day meal, but there`s always a family member who complains that the turkey is too dry, the macaroni salad doesn`t have enough cheese, or that he doesn`t like cranberry anywhere on the dinner table.
But there`s always one member of the family who doesn`t complain, your faithful pooch will be more than happy to devour any scrap that you give him. There`s nothing wrong with giving your faithful companion a piece of turkey, but never feed him any of these items from the Thanksgiving meal:
Bones: Choking hazard
Chocolate: Toxic
Bread dough
Turkey skin: Difficult for dogs to digest
Mashed potatoes: May cause diarrhea
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends, family and pets

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