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Published:November 29th, 2015 10:19 EST

JELL-O Cures Hangovers! Say What?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Remember this bright, colorful, jiggly stuff you probably used to eat all the time as a kid (you know, those JELL-O snack packs tucked in your school lunches)? Well, now we know it can potentially help you solve an adult problem.

Yeah, gelatin cures hangovers, apparently. And helps prevent colds.

"Gelatin boosts your immune system because it`s packed with amino acids, calcium and magnesium,` a
Fox News anchor said.

Here`s where it gets a bit gross. Gelatin is generally made from boiling bones or animal hides. That, in turn, breaks down collagen -- which is a protein."


Who would have thunk that the delicious snack we enjoyed as children could cure an adult problem like a hangover, and not to mention boost your immune system.

But it grosses me out that gelatin is made from boiling bones or animal hides, and what`s even more revolting is that JELL-O is forever linked in my mind with former pitchman Bill Cosby.

I don`t care if JELL-O cures erectile dysfunction, cancer, AIDS, and bad breath -- Homie don`t play that.

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