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Published:December 1st, 2015 16:43 EST

Meet the Adorable Cat With the Swollen Red Nose

By Robert Paul Reyes

"This is the aftermath of a titanic struggle between cat and bee.

In the blue corner, the humble bumble bee , weighing in at 0.5 grams.

In the red corner the house cat, roughly 80,000 times heavier, bearing sharp teeth and claws.

And there was a clear winner

The cat has definitely come off second best with a bright, red nose - presumably swollen by a sting - to show for its efforts."


We`ve all heard about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, now meet the Red Nosed Cat. Curiosity didn`t quite kill the cat in this incident, but a cat`s fascination with a bumble bee earned her a swollen red nose.

Hopefully this kitty has learned her lesson, and will stick to tormenting mice and dogs.

Moral of this story: Let sleeping dogs lie, and stay the hell away from bumble bees.

Photo of the adorable cat with the swollen nose:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia