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Published:December 2nd, 2015 17:04 EST

Cecil the Safeway Cat Is An Internet Sensation

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A cat who likes to hang out daily at a Southeast Portland Safeway has become a social media sensation and his plight is now prompting a call for action from fellow felines.

The cat`s sudden exposure earned him prominent mention on a popular national blog devoted to cat stories (yes, there is one), and sparked a Facebook page that already has more than 830 fans.

Cecil is not a stray. His owner says he just likes to visit the store, inside and out. And employees and customers take care of him. At least they did until he was banned from the store."


I visit my local Kroger grocery store two or three times a week, and I`m lucky if the cashier acknowledges my presence with a smile.

Cecil the cat became an Internet celebrity merely by visiting a Safeway grocery store every day, maybe I should grow adorable whiskers and purr at my fellow shoppers.

However it`s a crying shame that Cecil has been banned from the store, the customers and the employees love him to death. By all accounts Cecil is the perfect gentleman, he`s never peed on the floor or licked any fruits or vegetables.

Cecil isn`t a stray cat, he lives across from Safeway, why shouldn`t he be allowed to grace the store with his presence?