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Published:December 5th, 2015 21:04 EST

Weak and Cowardly Obama No Match for the Islamic State

By Robert Paul Reyes

Our feckless commander-in-chief declared ISIL was contained only hours ahead of the simultaneous attacks carried out by ISIL in Paris that left almost 150 dead. 

Right before the shooting rampage in San Bernardino, our Fearless Leader explained to CBS`s Norah O`Donnell that America was safe from the Islamic State and urged Americans to feel safe. 

Obama`s incompetence is exceeded only by his poor timing. Right before the Antichrist reveals himself to the world and begins his reign of terror, I imagine Obama will declare that his two terms in office has laid the foundation for a thousand years of peace and prosperity.  

Obama reminds me of a former boss, who shall remain nameless, who also had a knack for declaring that prosperity was around the corner, right before disaster struck. I remember one particular meeting when he stated that the company was prospering so much that we could all expect bonuses -- not even a week later there was a mass layoff. Needles to say those of us who survived the severe reduction in staff, lost all faith in him. 

My former manager was fired a few months after he delivered his rosy forecast, unfortunately Obama still has over a year left on his term. 

The American public has lost faith in Obama, but we musn`t lose faith in the democratic process. The greatest nation on the face of the Earth can and will crush the Islamic State, but we will have to wait for victory until we elect a president who realizes that we are engaged in a war that we can`t afford to lose. 

We are stuck with Obama until January 2017, let`s not make the same mistake again. We must elect a president who puts the safety and security of our nation over political-correctness and an inordinate desire to pander to Muslims. 

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia