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Published:December 10th, 2015 11:28 EST

Toronto's Yorkdale Mall Fashion Santa is an Abomination!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"He`s not your average mall Santa. 


For starters, he`s missing some padding around the middle and his beard is groomed. He doesn`t wear cheap and fuzzy red suits, opting instead for velvet burgundy blazers. 

But Paul Mason is still putting smiles on the faces of shoppers at Toronto`s Yorkdale mall. 

Mason has been a fashion model for 30 years and his look inspired his collaboration with the mall to create Fashion Santa. Just to be clear the mall still has a traditional Santa for children to visit, they just have a second one as well for adults, he told CBC News. "

CBC News

The metrosexual Fashion Santa might be welcomed with open arms in upscale malls patronized by hipsters and other low-life scum, but he`s anathema to red-blooded Americans.

I`ll take the typical overweight mall Santa in his trademark red suit, over the fashionista Santa in his velvet burgundy blazer every day of the year, especially on Christmas.

Thanks goodness Toronto`s Yorkdale mall still has a traditional Santa for the children. I just hope and pray that the old-fashioned Santa will go Medieval on the Fashion Santa in the parking lot of the mall.

The Fashion Santa is blasphemy of the very worst kind  -- he is striking at the very heart of Christmas: Jolly Old Saint Nick.

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