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Published:December 15th, 2015 16:00 EST

Mama Cat Introduces Kittens to Pooch: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"When a mother cat has young kittens, introducing them to a full-grown carnivore from another species isn`t usually a high priority. But that`s what happens in the video above, which was filmed in Russia and recently posted on YouTube.


Despite the clichéd animosity between cats and dogs, the two often get along surprisingly well. The new video offers an endearing example of this, as the mother cat apparently trusts this dog enough to suppress her protective instincts, step aside and let her vulnerable offspring cavort with a canine roughly 10 times their size."

Mother Nature Network

My pit bull mix Mandy and my cats Ebony and Tico are the best of pals, they often sleep together, and Mandy sometimes even lets Tico my 25-pound behemoth eat from her food bowl.

So I am not surprised at all to see this video of a mama cat introducing her kittens to a dog. Enjoy this delightful video of this pooch playing with adorable kittens.

If dogs and cats can get along so well, maybe you can put up with your relatives, and at least call a truce for Christmas dinner.

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