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Published:December 15th, 2015 15:02 EST

Yo! It's About That Time to Give Marky Mark Props As a Great Rapper!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Yo it`s about that time
To bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme
I`m a get mine so get yours
I wanna see sweat comin` out your pores
On the house tip is how I`m swinging this
Strictly hip hop boy I ain`t singing this
Bringing this to the entire nation
Black, white, red, brown
Feel the vibration


"Need a little pick-me-up today? We highly recommend watching this video of a sprightly little Boston Terrier grooving to Good Vibrations` by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch."

Time Magazine

Before Mark Wahlberg was a movie star, producer and businessman, he was a legendary rapper.

Marky Mark and his posse, the Funky Bunch, had the street cred of Vanilla Ice and the slick dancing moves of Justin Bieber`s spastic uncle.

Millions of homeboys and homegirls in da clubs are still twerking to the beat of Good Vibrations. Marky Mark did more to bring blacks and whites together since Pat Boone, you gotta give him his props.

Marky Mark has soul up his wazoo, so much in fact that he even inspires a pooch to dance to his classic rap record.

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