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Published:December 16th, 2015 15:29 EST

Christmas Miracle! Homeless Man Reunited With His Pooch!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The mattress is down on the floor, so the arthritic Buster doesn`t have a tough jump up to the bed, and Pete Buchmann rises at 3:30 each weekday morning to have quality time with his dog before work.


Buster, a 10-year-old Rottweiler-boxer mix, is very protective of Pete, and the feeling is mutual.

For five months last year, Buchmann, 55, couldn`t come home to Buster. Buchmann was homeless and living at the Sunday Breakfast Mission. Buster was at a shelter. And only Buchmann`s nearly five-mile walk each day kept them together.

Their plight generated massive support after The News Journal and ran a story about them in November 2014. A groundswell of support helped Buchmann find a job, a vehicle, an apartment and even a supply of cash to get resettled. None of them were things Buchmann ever expected to need."

USA Today

Five months ago Pete Buchmann was jobless, homeless and leaving in a shelter, and his canine best friend, Buster, was living five miles away in an animal shelter.

The prospect that Pete would ever have anything approaching a normal life was bleak, only his daily visitation with Buster kept him going.

But miracles do happen, and after Pete and Buster`s plight was featured in a local newspaper, the community responded and today Pete has a job, a vehicle and an apartment, and best of all he has been reunited with Buster.

Pete even has a supply of cash so he can buy some cheap wine for himself and doggie treats for Buster. If this Christmas time story doesn`t melt your heart, nothing will.

I hope this heartwarming story will inspire you to help out at a soup kitchen, and to adopt a puppy from your local animal shelter.

Merry Christmas friends and neighbors!

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