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Published:December 17th, 2015 11:31 EST

Boy, 12, With 20 Prior Arrests Steals 89-year-old's Car: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 12-year-old boy was arrested over the weekend after tricking an 89-year-old man into stealing his car on Friday morning. And the boy is known to police because he has been arrested 20 times.


St. Petersburg police released surveillance video from the Chevron gas station on 22nd Avenue South. It shows the kid riding his bike trying to talk to Raymond Raftery as he put gas in his car.

Raftery explains what happened next. `As I started to pull away he flagged me down and I rolled the window down and said what`s up and he said you got a low tire. I opened the door and I looked at the driver`s side and he said no no, it`s the other side, the passenger side. So I went over there, he was on his bike. I get over to the other side and within two seconds he was off the bike, in the car and took off ... screeching!`"


You don`t need a criminal justice degree to predict this child`s future: A career as a criminal, dozens of innocent citizens victimized and, taxpayers footing the enormous bill for this animal`s incarceration.

Some folks may pray that this young man will experience a religious epiphany, and turn his life around, and others may hope that he will discover that education is the key to financial success, and become an accountant or a businessman.

But the odds that Jesus or education will save this boy are about 1 in a million, zip code and your parents are your destiny  -- this human excrement will only be stopped by a policeman`s bullet or by a fellow criminal.

I pray that this young thug will be stabbed to death in a juvenile delinquency center, and that his parents will die in a horrific car accident before they can give birth to any more monsters.

But that`s not going to happen either, what do you suggest we do with this boy who has already been arrested 20 times, over a dozen of those felonies?

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