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Published:December 17th, 2015 12:30 EST

Pissed-off Bank Customer Pours Pot of Poop on Counters

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A dissatisfied customer at a Chinese bank was caught on camera spreading feces on counters and the floor of the facility.


Police said the 60-year-old woman had an argument with workers at the Agricultural Bank in Nanjing Dec. 8 about some suspected counterfeit currency and she returned to the business the following day with a pot filled with feces."     


The shi* may not have hit the fan in this bank in China, but the counters and floor were covered with excrement.

There may have been some disagreement as to whether the money the woman deposited at the bank was counterfeit, but everyone agrees that the dissatisfied bank customer spread real excrement all over the bank.

Everyone also agrees that this woman is a dumb shi*, the employees at the bank recognized her and of course her crime was caught on videotape.

The woman was sentenced to five days of administrative detention; I`m shocked at the light sentence. I expected her to be sentenced to a re-education camp for the rest of her life.

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