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Published:December 17th, 2015 12:00 EST

Woman Disguises Dog As Baby To Fool Bus Driver

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A security camera on a Chinese bus recorded a woman attempting to skirt the `no pets` rule by disguising her dog as a baby.


The video, recorded by the security camera of a bus in Zhengzhou, shows a woman attempting to board the public transportation while holding what appears to be a hooded infant.

The woman appears to be attempting to prevent the suspicious driver from seeing the face of the faux-baby, but the canine`s head peeks out into view when the woman tries to dodge having her arm grabbed by the driver.

The driver orders the woman to take her dog off the bus and she walks away."


Toddlers are adorable but the fact is that newborns resemble the offspring of Satan; a dog could have passed for an infant.

In a depraved society where dog meat is served in restaurants, I admire this woman for breaking the rules and boarding the bus with her beloved pet.

I hope and pray that China will ban the sale of dog meat, and maybe one day they will even allow canines on buses.

Kudos to this woman for demonstrating that dogs are sentient beings worthy of our love and compassion.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia