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Published:December 19th, 2015 13:34 EST

Christmas Miracle: ATM Dispenses Double Cash Requested

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A British supermarket`s in-house bank is assessing losses after an ATM glitched and dispensed free money to customers.
The cash machine at the Tesco store in the Fallowfield area of Manchester, England, accumulated a long line Wednesday evening when shoppers discovered it was giving out double the requested amounts of cash and announced the free money on social media.
Tesco Bank said the glitch was caused by a service provider.
The bank said the ATM was completely emptied of cash by customers and the bank is working to assess its losses."
If an ATM at a supermarket dispensed double the amount you requested would you keep the extra money or would alert the manager about the malfunctioning machine?
This being the holiday season I would interpret the unexpected windfall as a gift from Santa, and I would use the extra money to buy gifts for myself.
I certainly wouldn`t post the news about the wonderful ATM on social media, I would keep making trips to the ATM until I was richer than Santa.
Who in his right mind would feel guilty about accepting free money from an ATM owned and operated by a bloodsucking bank?

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia