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Published:December 19th, 2015 13:10 EST

Sweet Old Lady Locked in Public Restroom for Four Days Knits Scarf

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Plucky pensioner Gladys Phillips didn`t panic when she was locked in a public toilet for four days  -- she settled down to knit a scarf and munched on a packet of mint imperials.
Gladys, 82, was out shopping in Felixstowe when, feeling the need to answer a call of nature, she visited a newly installed public loo off Hamilton Road.
But she was unaware the hi-tech convenience had not yet been officially opened to the public, and after forcing her way inside the door locked tight behind her.
It was not until FOUR days later when workmen came to finish off the painting that Gladys was found sitting on the loo finishing off the last few stitches of her pink scarf."
Suffolk Gazette
If I was trapped in a public restroom for four days there`s a hundred and one things I might do: Scribble graffiti on the walls, crap all over the place, break all the plumbing fixtures. But there`s one thing I wouldn`t do: Knit a scarf, sweater or anything else.
The shi* would hit the fan after four minutes! I don`t think I could survive, with my sanity intact, after being locked in a crapper for four days.
At least the public toilet was brand new, even the most even-tempered sweet old lady would go bonkers after being trapped in a typical public lavatory four days.
God bless this dear old lady for keeping her cool, and doing something productive while trapped in a public restroom. I hope Santa blesses her with many wonderful presents.

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