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Published:December 21st, 2015 10:03 EST

Catastrophe! Cat on a Plane! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Cat got loose on my Delta flight this morning... Flight attendant did not like cats, haha. What a CATastrophe.


YouTube video description

Never mind snakes on a plane; one cat on a plane is a catastrophe!

One curious cat scared the Bejesus out of a flight attendant when it escaped from its pet carrier and wandered around the aircraft cabin.

It`s obvious the flight attendant isn`t a cat owner; she clicked her fingers in a desperate attempt to control the situation. Yeah, like that`s going to work! Then she actually told the frisky feline: Sit right there, don`t move.

If this hapless flight attendant can`t control one kitty cat, God help everyone when an unruly passenger is on her flight. 

If I boarded a flight with my 25-pound kitty Tico, this flight attendant would probably suffer a heart attack.

The flight attendant should be fired, or at least whipped with a  cat `o nine tails.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia