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Published:December 24th, 2015 09:39 EST

Milton Elf Spreading Christmas Cheer in Canada

By Robert Paul Reyes

"There`s an elf at work in Milton, Ont., where more than 120 people have been surprised with small gifts left on their cars and front porches.


The Milton Elf is the holiday project of two residents of the town west of Toronto. On Facebook, locals can nominate someone deserving to be elfed, though sometimes the elves strike at random, hanging stockings of treats from doors or leaving lotto tickets on car windshields.

"We want the whole community to feel loved,` Kay Loforte, one of the project`s co-founders, told CBC Radio`s Metro Morning."


When elves aren`t slaving away in Santa`s sweatshop in the North Pole, they are wreaking havoc everywhere in the world.

There are millions of Elves on the Shelf who spy on children, and then gleefully tell Santa who`s been bad.

But two residents from Canada are seeking to spread holiday cheer and rehabilitate the reputation of the little devils.

The Milton Elf project performs random acts of Christmas kindness, leaving lotto tickets in windshields and hanging treats from doors.

If I saw a real elf approach my chimney or front door I would blast it to Kingdom Come, but I would be delighted if a Milton elf left a treat on my porch.

Merry Christmas Americans, Canadians, and everybody else!

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