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Published:December 30th, 2015 12:48 EST

Pathetic & Desperate Jeb Bush Releases Video Mocking Donald Trump

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) used the upcoming New Year`s festivities to roast real-estate mogul Donald Trump.


Bush`s presidential campaign released a web video on Wednesday that sarcastically wished Trump, the Republican front-runner, a happy 2016  while calling him the `chaos candidate.`

The ad featured joyful music as it highlighted Trump`s top five most unhinged, liberal, and dishonest moments."


The media and the pundits expected the Republican presidential race to be a cakewalk for Jeb Bush; after all he enjoyed the support of the Republican establishment, he has an impressive pedigree, and his campaign war chest is intimidating.

But then Donald Trump happened, and the billionaire blowhard who is anathema to the Republican establishment, soared to the top of the polls, while spending only a token amount of his personal fortune.

The Republican electorate hates the establishment, and they have no love for the charisma-challenged Bush -- Trump was the perfect vehicle for them to express their disgust at the status quo.

Jeb Bush fluctuates between an asterisk and single digits in the polls; he is a joke to the voters and an embarrassment to his family.

In a feeble attempt to gain traction and relevancy Bush released a web video chronicling "Trump`s Five most unhinged moments." Bush isn`t going to get anywhere imitating the bullying tactics of Trump; he will succeed only in further sullying his family name.

Advice for Bush:

Leave it to us pundits, comics and bloggers to savage Trump, the only thing you should do is  bow out of the race while you still have a modicum of self-respect.

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