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Published:December 31st, 2015 20:56 EST

Adorable Young Koala Responds to Her Name

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A young koala being nursed back to health by rescuers in Australia has learned to respond to her name and climb on her caretaker.


The video features a rescue organization member named Peter calling to a koala joey named Polly.

Polly climbs down from a small tree and shuffles across the floor to Peter, who jokes: Doesn`t everyone have a pet koala?"


Aussies are kind of nuts, they`ll box your ears if you don`t offer them a pint of Foster`s beer, and they consider it sport to wrestle crocodiles and to engage in kickboxing matches with kangaroos.

Americans have dogs and cats for pets, the folks Down Under have dingoes and koala bears. I love animals, but I would never consider a dingo for a pet, he might run off into the woods with someone`s baby.

However I would love to have a koala for a pet!

Watch this adorable koala joey respond to her name:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia