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Published:December 31st, 2015 20:38 EST

Google Chrome 'Trump Filter' is a Gift From God

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Those tired of seeing news stories and other content about real estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump can now block any mention of him through an add-on to Google Chrome.


Known simply as Trump Filter, the add-on searches web pages striking away any mention of Donald Trump. Users can adjust the severity of their filtration by selecting from settings including mild, aggressive and vindictive."


The Internet was the closest thing to utopia on Earth, an enlightened soul could while away the hours viewing cat videos, surfing porn, and searching for risqué pics of celebrities.

Then Trump happened, he`s on every cable news network, magazine cover, and radio talk show and he`s almost as ubiquitous as cats on the Internet.

This is simply an intolerable situation, the Net used to be my refuge from the insanity of the world. One cute cat video could make me forget that my job sucks, my bills are piling up, and my cars keep breaking down.

It`s impossible to browse any news site without being bombarded by news about Trump. Thank God for the Trump filter, it has restored my sanity.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia