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Published:January 10th, 2016 09:58 EST

Donald Trump Reminds Public of Moral Bankruptcy of Bill and Hillary Clinton

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bill Clinton finished his first week back on the campaign trail attending a fundraiser for Hillary at private residence in Independence, Ohio.   


President Clinton spent the week deflecting questions about his own past scandals.  At every campaign stop he made, Clinton was asked to respond to Donald Trump reminding everyone of Clinton`s extramarital affairs."

Hillary Clinton made a crucial mistake by trying to pin the sexist label on Donald Trump, when she`s married to the serial philanderer and abuser of women Bill Clinton, otherwise known as Slick Willy.

Bill Clinton is guilty of having a consensual albeit  politically unwise and morally abhorrent sexual relationship with the then White House intern Monica Lewinsky, but he`s also been accused of sexual harassment and even rape by several women.

While it`s true that Hillary can`t be held accountable for the despicable behavior of her husband, she does need to answer why she not only enabled Bill`s contemptible indiscretions, but orchestrated the attacks on women who levied credible accusations against him.

By attacking Trump on the sexism issue, Hillary opened the floodgates for the sexism charge to be used against her and her husband. Of course Trump didn`t waste a New York second beating Hillary upside the head with the moral depravity of her husband.

I`m glad to see the press exercising their due diligence by asking the impeached former president to respond to Trump`s attack on his history of sexual improprieties.

Hillary Clinton is not a champion of women`s rights; she cares only about one woman, herself. Trump has made myriad regrettable statements, but we owe him a depth of gratitude for reminding the electorate of the moral degeneracy of the Clintons. 

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