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Published:January 12th, 2016 14:40 EST

Viral Video: Man Gives Subway Passenger Shirt Off His Back

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man riding the New York subway was caught on camera giving a shirtless passenger a hat and the shirt off his own back.


Video of the beautiful moment, recorded by passenger Lazaro El Feo and posted to Facebook, shows a young man approach a shirtless older man riding the subway.

The younger man removes his T-shirt and helps the older man put it on.

The generous strap-hanger returns to his seat briefly, but returns with a second gift: his hat."


It`s one thing to toss a homeless person a quarter or to tweet #helpthehomeless, but it`s another thing to literally give the shirt of your back to an elderly man shivering on the subway.

I used to commute to work on BART in Oakland, and I witnessed countless inconsiderate acts (blasting the radio, swearing, smoking), and violent behavior (passengers getting mugged and beaten.)

But I don`t recall witnessing any acts of mercy, kudos to this Good Samaritan for restoring our faith in humankind.

I hope we will be inspired to minister to the homeless.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia