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Published:January 13th, 2016 14:14 EST

Ratchet Employees Caught Doing Hair in Waffle House Kitchen: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A couple of Forrest City Waffle House customers said they got more than expected with their meals early Friday morning.

Antonio Robinson said his friend found hair in his food.

`I looked up at him,` Robinson explained. `He went to pulling out strings of hair out his mouth.`

The duo witnessed employees doing their hair in the kitchen of the restaurant and recorded the incident on their cellphones."


I`ve witnessed restaurant employees applying makeup, filing their nails, and engaging in other personal hygiene activities that should be done at home, but Waffle House cooks using restaurant equipment to straighten their weaves takes the cake.

The gall, the audacity of these ratchet employees behaving as though they were at home in the hood, instead of in public display at a diner is mindboggling.

The hood rats were fired but they should have been fined as well, and the Waffle House restaurant should be closed by the health department.

These wretched workers demonstrated no regard for the health and welfare of their customers; they should be tarred, feathered and dragged out of town by their weaves.  

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia