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Published:January 16th, 2016 10:18 EST

Lucky Seattle Dude Gets Sir Mix-A-Lot's Former Cellphone Number

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Have you ever gotten a new cellphone number, and you start getting texts and calls from people you don`t know?


It happened to a lawyer in Seattle with amazing consequences, as he had acquired the former cellphone number of rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Jonathan Nichols found himself in a bit of a mix-up with the Baby Got Back artist when he started being inundated with some very big offers."


I can somewhat relate to this guy`s predicament, whenever I get a new cellphone number for the first few weeks I get calls from friends of the person who used to own the number.

But Nichols` situation is a bit unique, he`s received lots of calls from luxury car dealers trying to sell him  Ferraris and Lamborghinis, offers for free concert tickets (what artist doesn`t want Sir Mix-A-Lot to attend his concert?), and I would guess tons of pics from lovely ladies displaying their naked backsides.

Jonathan says that he`s happy to have the famous number and wouldn`t think of changing it. I bet, I`m sure he tells groupies who call: I`m Sir-Mix-A-Lot`s manager, back up dat big ass to my crib and I might hook you up with the famous rapper.

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