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Published:January 18th, 2016 16:16 EST
2016 - A Woeful Year for India with Slight Cheer at the End

2016 - A Woeful Year for India with Slight Cheer at the End

By Kushal Kumar

       The year 2015  has passed opening  doors  for new year 2016 to step in.  In the background of ongoing global turmoil -  political, social and economic " there are no two opinions that India plays important role in Asia.  This Vedic astrology writer is, therefore, right in entertaining a reasonable presumption of interest in readers world wide about stars for India in the year 2016.

        It may be mentioned here that position of ascendant as well as planets has been worked out in accordance with sidereal zodiac mostly followed in Vedic astrology.  This position can be reached by a deduction from tropical zodiac positions of planets in 2016 of about  24 degrees and 5 minutes related to year 2016.  As the year 2016 opens, Saturn continues to be in direct motion in sign Scorpio.  It is in retrograde motion from 26 March to 13 August, 2016.  Thereafter it is in direct motion in the same sign.  Another equally  important planet, Jupiter, turns retrograde on January in Sign Lo, becoming direct on 10 May 2016 to move over to next sign Virgo on 11 August, 2016. 

       Rahu, the North Node of the Moon is in sign Virgo as the year 2016 begins but soon enters sign Leo on 31 January 2016 to remain in that sign for the remaining part of the year.  Ketu , the South Node of the Moon remains 180 degrees away from Rahu.  Mars is in sign Libra on 1 January, 2016 entering sign Scorpio on 20 February, 2016 where it remains retrograde from 18 April to 18 June, 2016. It comes back to sign Libra on 19 June, 2016 in retrograde motion to be in direct on 30 June, 2016 to move again to sign Scorpio on 12 July to remain there till 31 October, 2016.

        Movements of other planets may be noted, if necessary, from standard ephemeris for 2016 as these are comparatively  faster  moving planets changing the signs at a short interval.

        The sidereal chart for new lunar year 2016 with sign Virgo at about 1 degree 10 minutes rising may be seen at figure to this article.  Two eclipses will occur during the year 2016.  There will be total solar eclipse on 9 March, 2016 while other being annular solar eclipse on 1 September, 2016.

        Analysis :-

        This writer`s predictions in article - Months of substantial concern for India in next year 2015 published on 23rd October, 2014 in online magazine were a great success for precise accuracy.  This success and success in other pieces of predictions inspired this Vedic astrology writer to script predictions for India about present year 2016.  Here are those.  The main feature of the predictions is like this :-  While the first half of 2016 looks to be grim covering a variety of aspects of national life for substantial concerns, circumstances  yield to slight cheer at end  covering months of October to December, 2016.  February and March 2016 seem to be grim for a variety of concerns :

        Power dams and electricity seems to be in focus for certain serious problems including rising prices during February to August 2016.  Relations with some neighboring  countries may likely come under severe strain during the period.  Beware of some deceptive or unrealistic  concepts.  Economic issues may evade solution causing economy to slide down drastically.  Dissensions within parties and intra " parties may touch new heights, generating political  or general turmoil necessitating change in leadership somewhere.  Disruptive, fissiparous or scandalous tendencies are likely to gain strength halting national well-being or growth.

        Plants and crops including food crops are likely to disappoint unless more aggressive and appropriate strategy is applied.  However, the last quarter of the year (October to December) is likely to bring a slight cheer.  A unique summer with high dry spell looks to be waiting.  A number of connected woes including health hazards or epidemics cannot be ruled out.   Earthquake could be likely from February to June, particularly during February and March 2016.  Economy may likewise present a downward trend.  One or more -  drought, earthquake, fires, health hazards including mystifying ailments,  landslides, defense and security concerns and terrors are likely in Northern India including Himalayan belt in North . Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand,  Gangtok Sikkim,  Delhi  and Punjab  could  perhaps take a hint for precautions. 

       There is no reason to be alarmed  but places such  as Pangi or Tatapani belt, Tehri or Pauri in Uttarkhand, Gangtok " Sikkim,Tibet may perhaps have some problem of the nature described and precaution could stand in good stead.  Southern India also looks to be having some problems.  Tamil " Nadu, Panaji, Goa, Sethupuram " like places may be perhaps in focus for some concerns of stress, during February " March also.

        Some states may likely be in sharp focus for their role or performance. Similarly , some organizations dealing with or professing about universal sovereign power may be in focus.  Some fissures among the constituents of ruling parties may cause embarrassment and could perhaps lead to break " up or separation unless timely precautions are not taken. Similarly, the organizations dealing with or professing about universal sovereign power  may be in focus.  Their strategies for management could likely be  somewhat   distanced from realism or fact, which could be in focus.

        Air pollution or smog and such like other concerns may continue to bother in one shape or the other.  Rather, some ailments caused by such polluted air may be a cause of deep concern during the year, more so during February to about August 2016. Food adulteration or want of necessary energy in food leading to anaemic ailments  could likely  be another source of concern. Obviously, lung related ailments could likely need  a better  precaution and care.

        Last quarter of year 2016 may bring a slight cheer at the end, say in October " December, covering aspects which would have caused substantial concern during times January to August 2016.

        These indications of likely trends not amounting to determinism, imply that these are aimed to serve as a wake up call for appropriate strategy having potential to reduce gravity of outcome of such impacts, sometimes obviate also.

Hailing from Sansal in District Kangra of Himachal Pradesh, India, Kushal Kumar, is based these days at Panchkula, Haryana. His distinguished articles concerning Vedic astrology and practical spirituality have been published by such premier magazines of the west as The Mountain Astrologer (TMA) , Dell Horoscope , Sedona Journal of Emergence , Vision, and Diamondfire all from US, Astromail from Paris, Midheaven from Toronto and His predictions about last Presidential elections , both French and US, have been precisely accurate. Trends of world affairs, covering different nations, penned by him have matched with actual happenings on the ground within the indicated time frame. His recent coverage of mounting tensions in the China Seas during April to June 2014, conflict in Ukraine and security concerns in Sweden have proved equally accurate on record. He also deals with individual birth charts , applying Vedic astrology/Jyotish, covering such aspects of life as health , education , employment, business, politics, love, marital and the like. He can be reached via