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Published:January 20th, 2016 11:58 EST

Outrage: Kanye West Considering Recording David Bowie Tribute Album

By Robert Paul Reyes

"David Bowie fans were left raging when it was claimed Kanye West was planning to record a tribute album in the wake of his death last week.


But Ziggy Stardust devotees can breathe a sigh of relief as the rapper has reportedly confirmed it`s not happening, after thousands signed a petition to stop it in its tracks.

A representative for the 38-year-old rubbished the claims to TMZ on Wednesday, insisting there`s no truth in the multiple reports."

Daily Mail

More than 10,000 outraged music fans have signed an online petition urging rapper Kanye West not to defile the memory and legacy of David Bowie by recording a tribute album.

At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards Kanye West famously crashed the stage and grabbed the microphone from winner Taylor Swift in order to declare that Beyoncé`s video for Single Ladies, nominated for the same award, was one of the best videos of all time.

West was universally criticized for his self-aggrandizing publicity stunt, and music fans in general and Taylor Swift devotes in particular have never forgiven the notorious rapper.

If West records a cover album of David Bowie songs it would be a sacrilege, and it would make the Taylor Swift incident pale in comparison.

I have lambasted Australian Iggy Azalea for appropriating black culture by mimicking the speech patterns of urban American blacks and adopting their slang in her "rap" records.

It would be a similar crime if the marginally talented West appropriated the music stylings of a pop icon and released a David Bowie tribute album.

Kanye West you`re no David Bowie, you`re not even a Vanilla Ice, if you dare release a David Bowie album you will unleash holy hell.

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