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Published:January 22nd, 2016 09:55 EST

Dude in Underwear Clings to Car Roof to Foil Thief

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man clad only in boxer shorts stopped a thief from stealing his car in southern Norway - by clinging on to the roof in a hair-raising ride at -17C.


The owner, 25, woke up in Kristiansand in the early hours of Wednesday when he heard his car engine firing up.

He raced out, grabbed a car door-handle and refused to let go.

The thief tried to shake him off by driving into the snow, but the owner clambered on to the roof of his VW Passat and clung on to the bars as the car sped off.

The thief drove the car at up to 90km/h (56 mph), he said, but the owner managed to smash the back window with his knee and grappled with the thief before the car hit the safety barrier."


I love my Jeep Cherokee, but I wouldn`t run out of my house clad only in my drawers in frigid temperatures to try to stop a thief from stealing my ride.

I can understand a man risking death to try to stop a thief from stealing his classic Ford Mustang or a Ferrari, but a Passat? Really?

The suspect was apprehended by the police, and the victim was a bloody mess after his ordeal.

The owner should be offered a job as a movie stuntman or as a spokesperson for Passat.

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