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Published:January 23rd, 2016 10:33 EST

Thieves Steal Semi-trailer Holding $70,00 Worth of Cheese

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Wisconsin police reported the theft of a semi-trailer loaded with thousands of dollars` worth of cheese products.


The theft occurred early Friday morning near Germantown when police received reports of a 2012 Great Dane semi-trailer stolen from local warehouse D&G Transportation. The trailer reportedly held approximately $70,000 worth of cheese products."


Cheese is king in Wisconsin and if you steal a semi-trailer there`s a good chance it`s going to be packed full of cheese.

How do you sell $70,000 pounds of cheese, you can sell it to the owner of a pawn shop or open up shop at a flea market?

Cheese may be slang for money, but I bet the thieves wish the truck had been loaded with electronics, meat -- anything but cheese. 

I hope these cheese-loving rats will be quickly apprehended. 

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