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Published:January 26th, 2016 16:36 EST

Did Cat Rise From the Dead?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Manchester councillor Matt Strong was driving near his home when he saw a Volkswagen Golf slam into a grey tabby cat on the road, killing it instantly.


The driver of the Golf didn`t stop, but Matt pulled over to check on the cat, only to find that its fur and a few tell-tale scars identified it as his own cat, Gus.

Matt sadly buried Gus in his garden, tweeted a heartfelt tribute to his tabby friend, and that was where the story ended.

Until a few hours later, when Gus strolled into Matt`s kitchen very much alive."


This could never happen to me, my cat Tico has unique black spots that make him look like a miniature cow, and not to mention that there`s not many felines that weigh 25 pounds.

I don`t have to worry about Tico getting run over by a car; he`s strictly an indoor cat.

I can imagine the roller coaster of emotions that Strong went through, but all`s well that ends well.

Moral of this story: Cats really don`t have nine lives, keep them indoors.

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