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Published:January 26th, 2016 15:49 EST

Dwayne Molock (MoShow) Releases New Video! Coolest Cat in the Rap Game!

By Robert Paul Reyes

In December 2015 I posted this article about Dwayne Molock (MoShow) a rapper from Portland who raps about his love for cats:


This unique Portland rapper who shares his passion for cats through his music just released a new video, and naturally it`s all about his love for cats.

His latest video is called "Love Your Cats", that`s a positive message that you don`t often hear in the world of hip hop.

I don`t get excited over the release of the latest rap video by a Kanye West or a Kendrick Lamar, but when my boy MoShow posts a new video on his YouTube channel, you know I`m going to be playing it on a loop until the cows come home or my cats fall asleep.

Rap is all about keeping it real, and you can feel MoShow`s sincerity when he raps about his love for his cats. 

I`m on a mission from God to sing MoShow`s praises, it`s about time people, especially the ladies, realize that there ain`t nothing more gangsta and righteous than loving cats.

MoShow`s the top pimp in the world of rappers, and I`m the top pimp in the blogosphere and we have our cats to thank for being the top dogs.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia