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Published:January 26th, 2016 22:32 EST
Mentality Surrounding the Upcoming Oscars

Mentality Surrounding the Upcoming Oscars

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By Tom Estey

I`ve watched carefully this week the hysteria surrounding what seems to me to have become a Black vs. White (and in some cases Black vs. Black) mentality surrounding the upcoming Oscars - from Jada Pinkett Smith asking for a boycott to Janet Hubert attacking back with a 4 minute monologue on YouTube to Chris Rock being pressured to step down as host by his own community.

At the end of the day, It seems abundantly clear to me that certain folks - as a result of not being nominated - are making this about color and not about talent which only further perpetuates the burgeoning race issues in this country. We are not curing cancer or ALS folks - it`s an Award Show celebrating the "Best Of The Best". So, if "Black Hollywood" (which label in itself is Racially Stigmatizing), boycotts the Oscars should "White Hollywood" (also Racially Stigmatizing) boycott the BET AWARDS. Oh, I forgot, so-called  "White Hollywood" is rarely invited or honored. Can you say throwing stones at glass houses? I care about talent - not color - I care about equality and what I see here is a selfish and privileged few just further blurring the lines.

Art is not about race. It is subjective and therefore open to interpretation. The end result is that all parties are not going to pleased by the outcome by the voting members of the Academy or any other voting board.

We are all entitled to speak out and I applaud that. But when doing so we should seriously take into consideration that the ideologies of the few can have a dramatic affect on so many more.

When I meet with a potential new client, the last thing I do is look at the color of their skin. This world needs to unify and not use every event as a means to perpetuate separatism.

Let me close by saying that I`m certainly not saying that racism or homophobia or any other form of discrimination doesn`t exist in our world. What I am saying is that watch your words - watch your actions - and if they don`t resonate toward positive change than ...

Tom Estey is the founder of Tom Estey Publicity & Promotion ( with 27 years experience of representing a diversity of musicians, actors, artists, authors, chefs and corporations.

Tom Estey