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Published:January 27th, 2016 15:16 EST

Pic of Nick Offerman's Face Used in India to Mark Men's Toilet

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Ohio woman visiting India took a photo proving what actor Nick Offerman`s fans have often suspected -- he is the literal picture of masculinity.


Michelle Johnson Blimes of Pickerington, Ohio, was visiting Madurai, India, Jan. 15 when she noticed a photo of the Parks and Recreation actor was being used by a public restroom to mark the men`s toilet.

The photo, which Johnson posted to Facebook, shows Offerman`s picture above the men`s room and an unidentified woman`s picture over the women`s room."


In December a video of Nick Offerman sipping whiskey quietly for 45 minutes in front of a yule log fire went viral, there was no witty repartee from the macho actor to hold our attention, his nonchalant manly presence was enough to enthrall us for almost an hour.

Offerman is the epitome of masculinity, and it`s no surprise that his photograph is being used in India  to mark the men`s toilet.

Once political-correctness tomfoolery gains a foothold in India and they build restrooms for the transgender community, I suppose a photograph of the effete Obama will be used to mark the transgender restroom.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia