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Published:January 31st, 2016 10:39 EST

Extraordinary Fake UFO Pic

By Robert Paul Reyes

"AN EXTRAORDINARY image of a doughnut-shaped UFO taken in a known hotspot has been dubbed one of the world`s best ever flying saucer snaps.

Argentinian media published the pictures of the odd-shaped object which was apparently accidentally captured on film by a photographer snapping the location.

The cameraman, who has not been identified, is said to be a responsible professional, but the bizarre capture has led to claims of a hoax."

Sunday Express

From the 1940`s when it first became fashionable for clueless people to photograph UFO`s to today, technology has improved so much that it`s possible for a rank amateur to take crystal clear photographs.

But the images of flying saucers taken with today`s highly advanced digital cameras are just as blurry as those snapped decades ago. You would almost think that the pics of flying saucers that are posted online are intentionally pixelated to make them blurry.

Once in a blue moon a pic of a UFO that is clearly delineated against the sky is posted online, and it`s always a fake.

Here`s a fake pic of UFO for your amusement:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia