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Published:January 31st, 2016 10:57 EST

Slacker Snowboarder Takes Video of Blunt-shaped UFO: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A snowboarder has captured a mysterious cigar-shaped object floating in the sky on his Go Pro - and it`s sent UFO enthusiasts into overdrive.


YouTube user Shreds1620 filmed himself using a selfie stick as he travelled down a mountain in an unknown location.

Early in the clip the snowboarder stop and manouvres his camera to reveal a large, motionless stick-like object in the sky.

It was only after reviewing his footage - originally filmed in 2013 - that the snowboarder noticed the UFO - and sent it to alien sighting channel Secure Team 10 ."


It`s hard to think of anyone more disreputable than a slacker snowboarder with a penchant for using a Go Pro camera and a selfie stick.

I wouldn`t buy a joint or trust the testimony of a snowboarder, this dude isn`t going to convince anyone that his video is genuine.

I`ll believe that the cigar-shaped object floating in the sky in this video is a giant blunt, before I believe it`s a flying saucer.

If this dude wakes up one morning in a drunken daze with his selfie stick in his arse, he will probably be convinced that it`s an alien anal probe.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia