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Published:February 1st, 2016 10:00 EST

San Luis Valley: The UFO Hot Spot of America

By Robert Paul Reyes

"As part of the new series "Colorado`s Unexplained Stories," we`re taking a trip four hours south of Denver to the San Luis Valley. The area is nicknamed: The UFO Hot Spot of America.


Locals refer to Highway 17, which cuts through the valley, as `The Cosmic Highway`

If you take the highway into Hooper, you`ll eventually pass by an oddly shaped dome-like structure known as The UFO Watch Tower. It was created by Judy Messoline 15 years ago.

`What I find is we get people here because they need a place to talk about it and especially ones that have had experiences. Especially abductees,` Messoline said."


If you want your town or village to be recognized as the UFO Hot Spot of America, here`s what you have to do:

Legalize marijuana

Build a UFO Watch Tower

Invite New Age mystics to lecture in your UFO-friendly town

If I lived in the middle of nowhere I`d spend all my time smoking weed and scanning the skies for flying saucers.

There`s nothing unexplained about the San Luis Valley: Boredom and legalized marijuana equals UFO`s!

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