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Published:February 1st, 2016 16:47 EST
The Bird and the Coconut

The Bird and the Coconut

By Ed Roberts

The Bird and the Coconut


There was a bird

Flying in the jungle

It came across a coconut

Hanging from a tree


The bird landed on the nut

Surveyed its surface carefully

And started to peck against its shell


The bird pecked and pecked

For nearly an hour

Before it stopped


With all of its effort

It was barely able to leave a small scratch

On its tough surface


After resting for a few moments

The bird flew away


The next day the bird once again

Came flying into the jungle

It found the same tree

Landed on the same coconut

And once again started to peck

Against its surface



After nearly an hour

The bird stopped

And flew away

The scratch had turned into

A very small hole


Each and every day

The bird would repeat this process

Each and every day

The hole in the coconut shell

Grew larger

And deeper



After many days

The bird was rewarded for its efforts

And white milk

Started to flow from the shell


The bird drank some of the milk

Then continued to work around the edges

Of the hole in the coconut

Until it was satisfied

With its size and shape



With a quick hop

The bird disappeared

Inside the shell


Finally it had made

A new home


For several months

The bird lived inside this safe haven

Until a strong storm came

And knocked the coconut shell

From the tree

To the ground


Once again

The tiny bird

Started each day

Flying into the jungle

Once again

Looking for that perfect



Ed Roberts 01/28/16

(Inspired by Dr. Who season 9 episode 11 Heaven Sent ")


For the past several years I have tried to change the world with poetry

I keep knocking on the door

Trying to reach anyone who will listen

Sometimes they do

Other times

They close the door

In my face



On this door

I will continue to keep knocking


Hopefully one day

The door will simply break

Or fall from its hinges

And I can finally go inside

To stay

And the words will come out