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Published:February 2nd, 2016 19:15 EST

Mimi Amaral to Appear on The American Perspective about Bridging The Gap Between The Entertainment and Psychology Industries

By SOP newswire2

Mimi Amaral and Judyth Piazza will discuss Bridging The Gap Between The Entertainment and Psychology Industries: Doctoral Student Aspires To Turn Dissertation Into Documentary on The American Perspective Radio Program this week.  Please stay tuned in....

Mimi Amaral is currently publishing her dissertation: Bright Lights, Dark Shadows: An Integrative Literature Review Of The Psychological Consequences Of Celebrity And Fame For Entertainers. 

She aspires to create an open forum for discussion via documentary to give entertainers, which includes Athletes, an opportunity to share their subjective reality and unique stressors. 

The aspiration is to make conscious the shadow of the industry.  Bring forth the undesirable topics that affect the individuals within the industry, and the collective affect the industry and society has on entertainers.


Mimi Amaral, and steering committee - Dr. D. Schroerlucke, Dr. R. Carolan, Dr. B. Welch, have also established a petition to develop a new division within the psychology industry called: Entertainment Psychology.  

The petition is currently seeking support and signatures.  If anyone is interested in reading more about the petition and viewing the website go to: