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Published:February 3rd, 2016 13:54 EST

Zookeepers Chase Woman in Zebra Costume for Escape Drill

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A Tokyo zoo dressed an employee in a cartoonish zebra costume to allow zookeepers to practice recapturing a panicked animal.


The Ueno Zoo held an escape drill Tuesday that involved a fictional earthquake freeing a zebra -- actually 27-year-old Yumi Tamura in a mascot-style zebra costume -- from its enclosure.

The scenario included an employee being faux-injured while another suffered a simulated heart attack."


This escape drill is nothing short of tomfoolery, in the event of a real earthquake even normally placid animals like zebras will panic, and hoof to death any human who gets in their way.

The zoo employees may have been giggling in this escape drill, but in a real emergency they will be crapping noodles when a terrified zebra comes galloping straight at them.

It`s really all going to be happening at the zoo during an earthquake, and hopefully I won`t be anywhere near the mayhem.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia