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Published:February 6th, 2016 09:48 EST

Photo Booth Thief Found After Machine Took His Photo

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Illinois were able to identify the suspect in a photo booth theft after the machine was activated during the robbery.


The booth at Funway Amusements captured photos of the suspect who pried open the machine`s cash drawer and stole $75 in cash and caused $75 worth of damage, according to Batavia police department.

When the man attempted to open the photo booth`s cash drawer the machine automatically began to take photos."


The photo booth machine is designed to take photographs when it senses that a crackhead loser is trying to pry it open.

The police were able to identify the thief from the photo booth photographs; they were familiar with the petty criminal.

Obama`s reaction: If I had a son he would look like this fine young gentleman. As one of my last acts in office I will issue an executive order granting urban youth the right to break into a photo booth when they find themselves struggling in these difficult economic times.

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This is what a low-life moron looks like:

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