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Published:February 10th, 2016 14:36 EST

Marco Rubio is Toast! History! Obsolete!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Marco Rubio turned his ire on the media today as his opponents reveled in his stunning fall from grace in New Hampshire.
The 44-year-old United States senator last night admitted that he failed his supporters in a Saturday evening debate and his performance was not as strong as he`d been proclaiming.

`Many people are disappointed. I`m disappointed. Our disappointment is not on you. It`s on me,` he said. `We did not do well on Saturday and so listen to this: That will never happen again.`

This morning the Florida lawmaker made a similar claim but said he wouldn`t have lost Tuesday`s New Hampshire primary if it hadn`t been for extensive media coverage of gaffes."

Daily Mail

After Marco Rubio beat expectations and came in third place in the Iowa caucuses, the media anointed him as the establishment knight who would slay the giant Trump.

But then the Saturday Republican debate happened, and Marco Rubio suffered an epic malfunction. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who is isn`t a political behemoth like Trump, but is a physically imposing figure ate Rubio.  Christie accused Rubio of being a pre-programmed political lightweight, who has a tendency to fall back on memorized lines during debates, and as if to illustrate his point Rubio repeated the same line almost verbatim four or five times. Rubio`s epic glitch not only cost him the debate, it cost him the election.

After Tuesday night`s debacle in which Rubio came in 5th place with only 10% of the vote he took responsibility for his humiliating defeat.

But this morning the robotic candidate tried to shift the blame on the media, claiming he would have done much better if the media hadn`t played his epic meltdown endlessly.

When Rubio closes his eyes at night he sees the Microsoft blue screen of death, he can`t be rebooted or repaired, like VCRs he belongs in the ash heap of history