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Published:February 11th, 2016 21:14 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews the band, Mildly Medicated

Judyth Piazza interviews the band, Mildly Medicated

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

"Never stop believing in your dreams. Keep fighting to get what you know you deserve",   Mildly Medicated

What do you get when you combine a lead singer with Hemophilia, a guitarist with ADD, a guitarist with diabetes, a bassist with Tourette`s, and a drummer on HGH therapy? You get the modern rock band Mildly Medicated. Against all possible odds, these uniquely talented young musicians from Monmouth County NJ found each other in 2012, all unaware that each of them had medical issues.  It was only until they were discussing possible band names that they all realized that they shared a commonality.

Mildly Medicated
was started by drummer Rocky Basile and best friend guitarist Steve Freed, They were soon joined by Guitarist extraordinaire Ryan Chiarella who had just quit his band. Lead singer Amanda McTigue literally fell out of the sky as she stopped into the music facility that Mildly Medicated runs rehearsals in to inquire about voice lessons because she said she was told she was never good enough to be anything but a background singer.

When the band heard Amanda sing, they were literally blown away offered her the job on the spot. Their youngest member, Jenna Basile at age 16, is recognized as one of the top female bassists in Monmouth County, and rounds out the band providing the thump to their unique sound. Their inspirational message of unity, tolerance, perseverance, anti-discrimination and anti-bullying is woven into every high energy song. Through music, their unique band family, and hard work, they believe that anything is possible.

"Quite honestly, I was expecting a total train wreak when I booked them, I mean look at their story, they`re all messed up and on drugs, right? I was shocked by their music, I mean I honestly like it. Amanda`s voice is powerful, this kid has some set of lungs on her and she`s beautiful. The bassist with Tourette`s is adorable. I was disappointed that they are actually lovely kids, which makes it harder for me to make fun of them which I think should exclude them from ever coming back on my show...but for some reason I`ve had them back 4 times. There were my house band for my 10th anniversary show. Their road stories are ridiculous and hilarious. Motley Crue should have these stories... Their poor parents." - Jay Thomas - The Jay Thomas Show on Sirius/XM

To purchase their CD from iTunes, Amazon, and other platforms, see their website page at!music/c1x9v

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