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Published:February 12th, 2016 09:06 EST

Firefighters Burn Down House Infested With Cockroaches

By Robert Paul Reyes

"They say that if you see one cockroach, there are way more where that came from. But what happens if you see hundreds of cockroaches? Well, call the fire department, because your place needs to be torched.

I`m not even joking. In Pana, Illinois, a house was so infested with cockroaches that the fire department had to dig a mote and start a controlled fire so that the cockroaches didn`t infest more homes on the block."

Viral Nova

I love my little pink house, I keep it immaculately clean -- sometimes you`ll see a fly or two buzzing around, but you will never see a cockroach.

But when I first ventured into the world of adulthood, I lived in some pretty seedy apartments, where I waged a constant battle against cockroaches.

Nothing will ruin a romantic date at home like having a cockroach make an appearance during a candlelight dinner. To this day I dread and fear cockroaches more than I do alligators or snakes.

This house in Illinois was so infested with cockroaches that the fire department had to burn it down, so it wouldn`t infest other houses in the neighborhood.

You don`t know how many times I was tempted to burn down my apartment ...

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