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Published:February 15th, 2016 10:13 EST

Bagel is the Coolest Cat in Town: She Wears Sunglasses & Has a Trendy Wardrobe

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It`s not easy looking as cool as Bagel the cat - there is a remarkable reason behind why she is always seen wearing sunglasses.

A cat born without eyelids has become an internet sensation - after her medical condition means she has to wear sunglasses .


Bagel the cat is the coolest cat in town, she`s always wearing shades and she has the trendiest wardrobe.

But she`s no poseur, she wears sunglasses because she has sensitive eyes, and she wears clothes due to the sad fact that she can`t regulate her body temperature.

Ray-Ban needs to get with the program and hire Bagel as a celebrity spokescat, there`s no chance that she will damage their brand by getting involved in a scandal like a typical human celebrity.

Bagel`s owner adopted her when she was just two months old, and she`s hoping that her Internet fame will motivate others to adopt cats with special needs.

Not every cat is a special needs cat, but every cat has a special need to live in a loving home. There are dozens of cats just as adorable as Bagel in need of a forever home at your local animal shelter.

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