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Published:February 15th, 2016 09:42 EST

Meet the New Queen of the Internet: Frowny Cat

By Robert Paul Reyes

Step aside Grumpy Cat, there`s a new cat in cyberspace determined to take your crown as Queen of the Internet.

Meet the new annoyed kitty in town, her name is Koyuki, aka "Frowny Cat."

A human being with a sour puss is ostracized and ridiculed, but a cat with a grumpy face is destined for fame and fortune.

It won`t be long before you will see Frowny Cat calendars and coffee mugs, any feline with a permanent scowl is a goldmine.

My cat acts as if she`s permanently pissed off, unfortunately she looks adorable, and that`s why I`m home writing silly articles instead of vacationing in Paris.

Pics of the adorable kitty: