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Published:February 16th, 2016 16:25 EST

Canadian Dude Builds Outdoor Theater Out of Snow

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Graham Whatmough has literally put his love for film on ice by constructing an outdoor movie theatre, made completely out of snow.

There is no silver screen, no padded chairs or flashy footlights, but the outdoor amphitheatre is, without a doubt, one-of-a-kind.

It took more than a week for Whatmough to carve his masterpiece."

CBC News

In Canada there are a gazillion and one words for "snow", and Canadians spend all their time driving on the snow, playing in the snow, clearing the snow, and contemplating suicide by stuffing snow down their throat until they suffocate.

it`s not surprising that somebody would eventually construct an outdoor movie theater made entirely out of snow.  Suicidal souls will probably gather every night at the snow theater, eat snow cones, and discuss pelting Justin Bieber with snowballs until he dies.

This article should make my readers grateful that they don`t live in the bleak nightmare that is Canada. As for my Canadian readers, I feel your pain.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia