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Published:February 17th, 2016 21:09 EST
Syrian Civil War: The Mistakes of Western Politics

Syrian Civil War: The Mistakes of Western Politics

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

After the end of Soviet Union era, the world went under the direct leadership of United States and its allied countries.  Fortunately or unfortunately, this leadership awarded us so many wars, bloodshed and diplomatic problems. Overall, most of the countries of the world are peace-less, tensioned and suffering different turmoil. You will find that every country is worried for their security. The diplomacy of USA and its allied courtiers are directly and indirectly pouring patrol on the problems.  The US diplomacy is nicely focused in the different US Movies. In many US movies, you will see that some people create any problem and later they spend their overall power to solve that problem. Actually the US filmmakers truly reflect the character of their government in their films using many fictitious characters. 

When the Soviet era was in practice, the world less experienced turmoil than the present situation. The Soviet politics was based on tactics, cold blood but in contrary the US Politics is very much self-contradictory.  Suppose, the US always consider the European countries as their allied countries but they also trapped the phone calls of the top leaders of the European countries. This is very sorrowful. However, in this present stage the US government has played very nice game with the Middle East but interestingly they did not consider the future reaction of their game. The game of US has created unprecedented problems to the European Countries through this refugee issue. Although the European leaders cannot speak their inner voice directly because of the good relation with the US but they understand that the European social structure is going to be vandalized because of the huge flow of the refugee. Sometimes it seems that the Prime Minister of Hungary speaks unethically but he is a patriot and wants to save the social structure of his country. But who is liable for that, obviously the wrong US policy is liable for these all problems. The principle is simple that If you ablaze the house of your neighbor, you cannot stay in peace that your house will not be burnt. 

The present burning issue of the world is "`Syria War ". Actually this is totally an unnecessary and artificially created problem of the world. The present civil war of Syria is giving nothing rather than mass killing of the civilians and demolishing the infrastructures. This problem was created unnecessarily by paying direct money and arms to the anti-government people. In every country there are some anti-state stupid people who blindly work against their state but later they understand that they have burned their own house. The problem regarding Syria " is totally a diplomatic problem, but unnecessarily this issue has forced to move for violence. However, after the end of Soviet era, Russia firstly moved forward to regain their lost image and influence. The mistakes of US have given opportunity to Russia to take a step to regain its lost influence. Overall, the first initiative of Russia has been successful in Syria. Actually the Russian Politicians run their diplomacy based culture, social system, and psychology of people of every country, in contrary the USA follows their own doctrine on every country. That is why, most of the US policies, projects are not compatible to the necessity of different countries but unfortunately the poor countries cannot express it loudly. 

The present world is a humanitarian world. The people want to work and live with peace. But unfortunately the state leaders of the different countries of the world are continuously creating problems and patrolling on the fire of problems. Although the people want peace but unnecessarily some self-declared influential countries have created Islamic State (ISIS) and previously Al Qaeda. On the other hand, unnecessarily the Israel-Palestine problems are keeping alive. There are many other problems in the world which are unnecessarily keeping alive. Actually the politicians always like to keep some problems for their future generation rather than solving problems. They must be accountable to God for their bad deeds. 

However, the present burning issues Syrian Civil War " must be stopped. The people of Syria will determine the future of their leaders. In this case, the external pressure should be stopped immediately. The Syrian future must not be written by their neighbor countries. The peace should be brought in Syria immediately and all of the Syrian refuges should be returned from Europe to Syria. If it is not happened, the total social order of European countries will be changed. In near future, Europe will lose its own identity. 

The world leaders must understand that they are running on the money of the people of their own country. The people want to work and they want to live peacefully. So, wasting the money of the people, it is not fair to create unnecessary problems in the world and keeping alive the problems. The world politics should be based on diplomatic activities, not physical war. The world leaders should not destroy the countries rather they should think how to create more employment and business in every country. 


Written By

Md Mahmudul Hasan

LL.B (Hons), LL.M

Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh