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Published:February 18th, 2016 16:28 EST

Canadian Island Welcomes Americans in Event of Donald Trump Victory

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The island of Cape Breton in Canada is encouraging Americans to relocate if Donald Trump is elected president.


The island near the coast of Nova Scotia set up a tourism site titled Cape Breton if Donald Trump Wins to offer an alternative for Americans who refuse to live in a country with Trump as president."


If Donald Trump wins I will revoke my American citizenship, curse my fellow Americans for having elected an evil clown President of the United States, and I will leave my country.

But I won`t flee the hellhole that America will be turned into with Trump in charge for another hellhole.

Cape Breton Island is a hellish frigid wasteland composed mainly of rocky shores, glacial valleys and barren headlands.

I will move to an island in the Caribbean or some other exotic locale, and spend the rest of my life sipping margaritas and cursing America.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia