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Published:February 21st, 2016 10:20 EST

Black Vloggers Stump for Trump! Are These Sisters Foolish Toms or Patriots?

By Robert Paul Reyes

As the results from the South Carolina primary demonstrate Trump has a remarkably broad appeal, although he`s still anathema in the Hispanic and African American communities.

Since the day when Trump declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination by branding Mexican immigrants rapists his campaign has been mired in racial controversy.

Trump has had run-ins with Black Lives Matter protesters and he inflamed passions by tweeting a chart that exaggerated the percentage of murders committed by black. Blacks commit crimes way out in proportion to their numbers, there was no need for exaggeration.

Any objective and reasonably intelligent person can only conclude that at the worst Trump is a racist, or that at  least he is more than willing to employ dog whistles to appeal to racists.

trumpTwo black North Carolina sisters, who depending on your perspective are Uncle Toms or courageous souls going against the grain, are on a mission from God to sing the praises of Trump.

The video bloggers Lynette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelee "Silk" Richardson have achieved Internet fame and gained Trump`s gratitude by posting a series of videos in which the pair speaks directly to the camera, praising Trump, and defending him from his haters.

Will these ladies convince minorities, especially blacks, to vote for Trump? Watch these videos, and tell me your verdict!

Bitch please!


Amen sisters!

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